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Frequently Asked Questions 
Activity Trackers

What does the activity tracker do?

The activity tracker collects information about your physical activity intensity and sleep/wake measurements. It can tell when you are lying, sitting, standing or moving.

How do I receive the activity tracker?

You will receive the activity tracker in a red AusPost bag to the address you provide to the research team. In the bag will be 3 items:

  1. Activity tracker (in box)

  2. Activity tracker logbook

  3. Return post bag

When will I be enrolled to start receiving text messages?

You will start receiving the text message program once we receive the tracker back. 

What information does the activity tracker collect?

The activity tracker collects:

  • Movement (g)

  • Acceleration (g)

  • Light (lux)

  • Temperature (Celsius)

How do I send back the activity tracker?

After 7 days, you will put the activity tracker back in the box it came in along with the logbook and seal it within the return post bag we provided. You must drop this in any red post box OR at your nearest post office.

Does it cost me anything?

No. This is completely free to you :)

How long do I have to wear the activity tracker for?

The activity tracker needs to be worn for 7 days before your enrolment. 6-months after your enrolment you will wear it again for another 7 days.

This is so that the research team can determine whether there is any changes over 6-months

Does the activity tracker track my location?

No. The activity tracker does not have a GPS function and therefore cannot track your location.

How do I wear the activity tracker?

The activity tracker is a watch, similar to the size of an Apple watch, however it has no feedback display. See photos below :)


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